Covid 19: pandemic on the brink?

Are we sensing a pandemic on the brink?

coronavirus as a pandemic is a terrible term.

We are conditioned through books and movies to know that a pandemic means death from disease and mass panic. Even the word pandemic has the word ‘panic’ in it.

pandemic on the brink 

What could be the next pandemic?

If we look at Covid-19 disease, the outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China from the SARS Cove 2 virus.

A viral outbreak requires a new virus that People are not immune to. Can infect people, cause disease in humans, and spread from person to person quite easily.

If the disease spreads within an initial community or within one a specific region or place is known as an epidemic.

Pandemic on the brink

It is not uncommon for something to go from being an epidemic to a pandemic and looking at the scenario, yes we are on the brink of a pandemic.

In fact, for the word pandemic, it has nothing to do with the severity of the disease, but rather its geographical spread.  The exact definition varies within the organization in the organization.  But in general, if a virus starts to jump beyond international borders and spreads around the world.  Only then is it considered a pandemic, but in reality, it is not so simple.

Thus if you have contracted Covid-19 in China, but then you went home to America and spread it to someone there. This does not count as crossing international borders.

It becomes a pandemic when people start to be infected by people who have no traces in infected places or the initial center of the epidemic.

An example of this is the spread of the community when someone gets a disease, but the source of the infection is not known.

furthermore, it can help us see some historical pandemics. So what could be the next pandemic or when is the next pandemic expected?

pandemics had been happening from times in memorial. For example, the Antonine plague, which happened to the Roman Empire when the troops returned home from the east. It is estimated that the pandemic killed five million people Across Greece, Italy, Egypt, and today’s Turkey.

We don’t know exactly what caused the pandemic, but researchers think it was huge.

Spanish flu pandemic

Then of course you probably have the most infamous Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. This isn’t called that because it started in Spain.

what could be the next pandemic

It is believed that it can originate in an army camp in Kansas, Which was then brought to Europe with troops. But the Spanish flu has been named because Spain is a neutral country during World War I.

It openly reported its occurrence while other countries censored or attempted to conceal it. This time 500 million people became infected and about 50 to 100 million died.

That was more people than World War 1 was killed. What was probably the scariest part was that she had a second wave in October. So the first wave affects people who were mostly elderly or young or sick. But the second wave affected people between the ages of 20 and 40.

When is the next pandemic expected

Interestingly War is often considered a contributing factor, not just because troops were moving around the world with improved transportation and technology. But soldiers were more likely to get the flu because of stress, malnutrition, and chemical attacks.

But as soon as the Spanish flu hit its worst point, it quickly faded. After the peak of the second wave in October, the countries went through thousands of deaths.

One theory suggests that the virus actually, stays away from its most deadly species as people die with those deadly strains. All that remained were softer versions.  But now in modern world when it becomes a pandemic, we ask agencies such as the CDC and WHO to declare a pandemic.

But various scientists, epidemiologists, or collectives can technically declare one based on their judgments.

You might think this would be an easy decision, once it acts like a pandemic they called it a pandemic. But these viruses are difficult to track specifically if the disease has a long incubation period. The period either causes minor symptoms leaving the diagnosis invalid.

When is the next pandemic expected?

No one knows when the next pandemic is expected. But yes, based on the available data and the studies behind it we can somehow reason out the impetus and circumstances in which, some of the known viruses emerge.

Additionally, there are other issues with the claim of a pandemic as well. For example, the WHO came under scrutiny in 2009 when the H1N1 virus was declared a pandemic. That’s because it led to some Unnecessary panic and many places ended up costing the money to develop a flu vaccine when it ended up being soft enough and easy to contain.

In conclusion, we are not at the brink of a pandemic; we are indeed gazing deeply into, what could be the next pandemic. The official classification of a pandemic by institutions depends on several factors. But surprisingly it’s just a label and there are no legal implications.



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(Check the CDC and WHO websites for up-to-date, reliable information about coronavirus.)