Feel sick: Do i need to stay home?  

I feel sick, Do i need to stay home even if feel sick? Or should I visit a doctor?


These are the common questions we encounter these days. To feel sick is a body’s way to communicate that it need attention. This needs to be addressed immediately and appropriately.

This question gained more significance due to ongoing pandemic. From the COVID 19 view, this is to be handled in a different way. Lack of basic knowledge may make you a super spreader of this contagious disease.


Can I have COVID 19  without symptoms?  

Yes you can, there have been several studies that have come out that have shown this to be true. There are also some interesting case studies from the United Kingdom about patients losing their sense of smell and losing their sense of taste now these are case studies

If you live with someone who has a positive COVID 19 test or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 and you suddenly lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell. But you don’t have any other symptoms at all you may be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID 19.

Incidentally this means you can pass COVID 19 on to someone else possibly for up to three weeks and you will be asymptomatic.

feel sick


What does asymptomatic mean?

Asymptomatic means someone that doesn’t have any symptoms

Even if you’re an asymptomatic carrier you can still pass on the full strength of COVID 19 to someone else just because you don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean that you’re carrying a less or weaker form of COVID 19.

 You’re carrying the same COVID 19 strains so be very careful


Do i need to stay home if asymptomatic?  

Yes you need to stay home if asymptomatic. Continue to do the same thing that you’re doing now; social distancing and washing your hands. However, if there is someone in your house, who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 such as fever cough and fatigue, even if they haven’t gotten a positive test.  Start taking preventive measures.

Additionally you should also be concerned that you may be also positive for COVID 19 and not having any symptoms, you’re an asymptomatic carrier for COVID 19.

If you’ve got mild symptoms and are otherwise healthy, self-isolate and get in touch with your medical provider or a COVID-19 information line for advice.

Subsequently seek medical care if you have a fever, a cough, and difficulty breathing. Call in advance.

 “There’s nothing special that you need to do.”

If you are feeling sick you ought to rest, drink lot of fluid, and eat nutritious food. Stay in a separate room, and use a dedicated bathroom if possible. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Everyone should keep a healthy lifestyle at home and educate all that “i need to stay home if I am asymptomatic”. You must ensure a healthy diet and sound sleep. Try to be active, and be in contact with loved ones through the phone or the internet.

Children need extra love and care from adults during difficult times. 

In a situation like this, It is quite normal to feel depressed. Talking to people you believe in, like friends and family. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a counselor.

You don’t need to take any special medications. You don’t need to consider anything, just inform you of your hospital representative and they will guide you through. The best thing that you can do is to continue to maintain social distancing and wash your hands.

To put it briefly, next time if someone says “I feel sick, Do i need to stay home even if feel sick”, don’t jump into conclusions. Protect yourself and others by taking appropriate precautions. Follow the advice provided by your health care specialists.




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