Blue wallpaper, Red wallpaper, Green wallpaper, or Yellow wallpaper; choose your décor style

Your wallpapered accent wall is the first thing you’ll see as you enter your home. So the style, the pattern, the texture; everything needs to be considered to make a statement.

The wallpaper, whether it’s Blue wallpaper, Red wallpaper, Green wallpaper, Yellow wallpaper, or any other patterned wallpaper; the selection should be based on your décor style. It can be Formal, Glam, Casual, Country, Rustic, Victorian, or Modern. The idea is to allow these backgrounds to flow naturally with the rest of your space without competing with the other elements of the room.

As the secret behind a great dish is not just in the recipe but in the right combination of spices and the cooking method. Similarly, it’s the small little things that give dimension to a room.

If you have the art of mixing in the right order, you can do wonders.

You can fake the look of a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom using a brick wallpaper or a wood wallpaper or a textured wallpaper. Or you can instantly brighten up a space by adding a splash of glittering artifacts to a purple wallpaper or a pink wallpaper or even to a floral wallpaper.

Some historical, inspired Paintings can be used to complement your retro wallpaper or your patterned/geometric wallpaper. For your room to look bigger, can opt for brighter tones of green, yellow, or purple wallpapers.

You will get a sea of options to experiment with, just keep your basics right. So, keep these factors in mind before you zero in. Here I have suggested  few wallpapers, choose the one that best describes you.

1. A cool wallpaper with a prehistoric Stone wall background

A clever way to make your space visually a lot larger than it really is. Very appealing…… a really cool wallpaper

2. Urban Brick Red Wallpaper

Red wallpaper with a brick-patterned wall background is always a proven way to accentuate the pale beauty of a room from within.

3. Black Floral Wallpaper

A flower wall with vibrant colors of pink, blue, and black; this Black floral wallpaper from HaokHome makes a dashing color palette.

4. Blue wallpaper with geometric patterns

The geometric patterns of this Glossy Blue wallpaper reduce visual fragmentation of the space, making it perfect for kitchens and other hardworking spaces

5. Black & Blue wallpaper

A natural-looking multicolored marble block on black and blue wallpaper.

6. Rustic wallpaper with Brick wall background

Rustic wallpaper with a Tuscan red flavor and Brick wall background creates the illusion of a farmhouse.

7. Pink Floral Wallpaper

A Floral Wallpaper with a simple and elegant color scheme. Red, white and blue; perfect enough to be paired with almost anything

8. Green wallpaper with wall background

Dramatically natural-looking Green wallpaper with the wall background. In fact, these different shades of green convert your room into a soothing space. Additionally, you can complement it with any cheeky furniture.

9. Rusty Red wallpaper

Another red wallpaper with a wall background, but with a lighter shade. Pair it with some natural-looking elements, Remember it’s those few smart decorating tricks and combinations, which transform an otherwise ordinary-looking space.

10. Red Chunky Glitter Wallpaper

If you're looking to kick things up a notch and transform your room into a dramatic retreat, this red wallpaper with Chunky Glitters is for you.

11. Paint Red and Beige; from the window to the wall

This patterned geometric wallpaper gives an impression of textured wallpaper. It brings a little Gingham pattern to the cabinets, drawer, furniture, dining room, bedroom, Coffee House, bathroom, and living room…i.e. almost anything from the window to the wall of your room.

12. Red and black wallpaper

This red and black wallpaper features a wall background covered with rustic wallpaper tinch, by EeeComing. Its recessed detail in its Retro styling gives it a super cool look. It’s cool wallpaper for boys and girls alike.

13. Green wallpaper for a flower wall

Beige and Green wallpaper to make your own Lily flower wall. This floral wallpaper will visually fragment your space.

14. Brick red wallpaper for Christmas wall décor

The patterned red wallpaper always adds visual interest. Here it brings a striking wall background pattern to your space without upstaging the rest of the Christmas wall décor

15. Brown Wood Grain Textured Wallpaper

Perk up the space with conventional Brown Wood Grain Textured Wallpaper. An alternate is a tone-on-tone pattern option.

16. Chevron Striped blue wallpaper

Nothing sets the scene quite like this bold Chevron Stripes of white and blue wallpaper. Perk it up with drapes in complementing colors.

17. Black and red wallpaper

A cool wallpaper with a wall background. The burst of energy from this Black and red wallpaper brings depth, color, and an unusually perceived texture.

18. Gold wallpaper

It’s no surprise that a floral print on a golden-colored background adds a perfect amount of visual intrigue. If you can place some wrought iron artifacts or articles, you feel as if the room is coming into bloom. LIFAVOVY’s Botanical Themed gold wallpaper does exactly the same here.

19. The yellow wallpaper

Marble wallpapers are not just limited to black and white wallpaper; you can make a world of difference with the yellow wallpaper with a splash of red and grey.

20. Red and black wallpaper with multiple colored bricks

A cool wallpaper with four different colored bricks. This red and black wallpaper is layered with Brown, Black, Red, and White Bricks. This simple yet strong statement-making background Can be complemented with some solid wood furniture

21. Shiplap wallpaper from HAOKHOME

This shiplap wallpaper clad in brown and cream gives the space a cozy ambiance. Wooden stripes with Brown tan look amazing.

22. Floral wallpaper with Tulips & Lily

Design your own flower wall with Blue Mountain Flowers. This color-contrasting art with Tulips & Lily is vibrant enough to give a rich layering of a distinctly nostalgic feel.

23. Blue wallpaper in Vintage Watercolor

Blue wallpaper in Vintage Watercolor by Saming is inspired by the subtle and soothing blue flowers. Bold orange on the walls adds some enthusiasm. Purple combined with white background makes a dashing color palette for this colorful wallpaper

24. Red roses wallpaper

Single rose wallpaper or multiple roses wallpapers, roses never lost its sheen or never been out of fashion ever. Whether it's the dining room, living, kitchen, bedroom, or even a bathroom; rose wallpaper can add an accent to that wall.

25. Floral wallpaper fromYork

This Floral wallpaper gives a different dimension to the room without being loud. The color combination in this romantic floral arrangement can be used for multiple mix and match. The liberal usage of green can be used as green wallpaper, and the fireplace brick red in the background can take the advantage of red wallpaper.

26. Rose wallpaper from FINA

This rose wallpaper is perfect for a living room. The red rose mural is so alive and vibrant that it ends up stealing the show. Additionally, Its wide white background has all the advantages of white wallpaper.

27. Stuccoed red Brick wallpaper

A Red wallpaper with a wall background, to get a stuccoed antique wall feel. This layered Brick wallpaper gives a Raw, unfinished masonry works look…..

28. Rose wallpaper in Black Background

This rose wallpaper is a great combination of red and black wallpaper. It’s a floral treat for the eyes. It’s like some roses casually tossed on to black wallpaper.

29. Brown Wood shiplap wallpaper

This shiplap wallpaper is brown wood wallpaper with a vertical orientation. Going with the geometric design, it is a perfect candidate to add a visual dimension of height. I.e. Wallpaper pattern creates the illusion of height; any cramped area can have an elevated feel if this shiplap wallpaper is used with appropriate lighting.

30. Colorful Maple Leaf green wallpaper

A green wallpaper with Colorful Maple Leaf that can be used as a floral wallpaper or as the yellow wallpaper. The red, green, and yellow Colored Maple Leaf accentuates almost all color scheme of the room.

31. Purple wallpaper from DAIWEI

An eye-catching purple wallpaper to lend some drama to your space.

32. Sliver grey wallpaper

Victorian Silver Gray wallpaper with all the advantages of white wallpaper. With its dramatic reflective design, it not only lights up space but adds some zing to it.

33. Backsplash red wallpaper

Brick textured wallpaper for a compact and cozy feel, yet this warmer tone of red wallpaper is full of energy due to its striking and defined brick pattern separation.

34. Gold wallpaper in Square Lattice

A Gold wallpaper with bold Square Lattice patterns. This lively and bright wallpaper with Pale yellow gold color, enhance the theme with its Eclectic Energy

35. Multi colored wood wallpaper

Since it’s a wood wallpaper with a color combination of gray, blue, red, and black wallpaper; it can be handy, if you plan to change your theme quite often.

36. Solid Color Matte Textured colorful wallpaper

Red, green, blue, pink, yellow, grey, black, purple, and white is the range of colors to choose from in this Solid Matte Textured colorful wallpaper. The product is Oil-proof, Fire resistant, and Water Resistant.

37. Tropical green and white wallpaper

Build a plant wall with tropical green and white palm tree wallpaper. This patterned wallpaper features large palm leaves in different shades of green adding visual interest.

38. Retro wallpaper for some drama

A retro wallpaper with modern décor to fall in love with. This pretty Christmas wallpaper is sure to stun. Pair it with plants and heavy-looking furniture with wood grain finish, the color contrast will give an optical illusion and create some drama.

39. Cool wallpaper with red brick background

Enhance the décor with this peel and stick wallpaper in a red brick pattern. Select some abstract paintings with black or white background for a more modern touch.

40. Marble pink wallpaper

Marble Contact pink wallpaper is a Peel and Stick wallpaper. The wallpaper features a striking marble texture with a pinkish tinch. This can perk up a dim light space.

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