Best Reference Book for Class 10 CBSE 2020-21

  • Which are the Best Reference Books For Class 10 CBSE 2020-21? 
  • Which books are good to study to get high marks in class 10?
  • Which books helped toppers in class 10 board exams?

Here we have a list of the best CBSE class-10 books available. This list suggested is prepared by considering all the aspect of CBSE class-10 board exams.

1. Students, end up devoting less time to English, as they believe that they can make it up. But, this often leads to student’s under-performance.

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You may be good in English, but what you need is “marks oriented preparation”. Oswaal CBSE Question Bank is exclusively exam oriented. You need to think from NCERT perspective, what NCERT is looking for in your answer sheet:

  • Unseen passage: This is a clear-cut scoring section
  • Writing skills: Format is the key here, Follow formats religiously.
  • Grammar:  Brush up basic rules and attempt as many questions as possible
  • Literature: Read all the chapters very thoroughly. Specially poems

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2. Getting marks in SST is all about Time management and Content management. Everyone knows about the time management, but only few works on content management.

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One of the tricks is to “answer in bullet points”. Distribute your answer into points, further divide it into subheadings and just remember those points . This will help you to recollect the answer and will be easy tor the examiner to check. Remember, in SST you get marks for “each point” . Again Oswaal CBSE Question Bank is a good fit here

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3. Class 10 Board Exams is a crucial milestone.  To achieve this milestone you need to drop the “One size fits all” mindset.

First step is to know the Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme. Then the division of sections of question paper and finally the Unit-wise Weightage for Board Exam

To score good marks, every subject needs to deal with an appropriate strategy. Every subject needs a different type of approach. NCERT Exemplar Problems-Solutions book is strictly as per the exam pattern.

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